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Study and implementation of a UAV assisted sensor subsystem

This thesis project deals with the study, design, development and operation of a telecommunications subsystem combining sensors and UAVs. The implementation is based on an Arduino microcontroller platform and it is equipped with sensors and transceivers. The purpose of the subsystem is the wireless collection and recording of measurements from ground-based sensors via a UAV.

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Analysis of LTE Network

Using Nemo Handy (embedded in the IRIS+ body) and the autopilot software of IRIS+, an analysis of Tripolis current LTE network at different altitudes above ground level can be performed. One of the first observations was that the number of LTE base stations available for serving is increased at higher altitudes, as a result the

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Indoor power measurements

Students: Irene Mpasiaka – Kiriaki Tsirivakou Supervisors: George Tsoulos – Dimitra Zarbouti Complete in: 2012 Abstract In this thesis extensive power measurements were held in the first floor of the Science and Technology Faculty building. The thesis goal was to determine a convenient indoor path loss prediction model for this building area and to investigate

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