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Free Space Optics

Research focusing on: Outdoor optical wireless (OW) systems have recently gained attention as a broadband alternative in niche applications including semi-permanent office interconnections and MAN implementations. Despite the inherent advantages of outdoor OW systems, the transmission of light through the atmosphere can be challenging. Apart from weather-dependent static transmission losses that may limit the system

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New Editorial

George Tsoulos participates as editor in  the special issue “Fulfilling the IOT Ecosystem through 5G networks: Challenges and Breakthroughs” of the International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks.


  Network Testing Drones Following the current trends in wireless systems technology, the lab recently acquired a quad-copter (IRIS+ by 3DR) for drone applications. Currently, IRIS+ is being used both for research and educational activities. Projects: Analysis of LTE network Sensor Applications An Arduino-Based Subsystem for Controlling UAVs Through GSM       E/M radiation

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Indoor power measurements

Students: Irene Mpasiaka – Kiriaki Tsirivakou Supervisors: George Tsoulos – Dimitra Zarbouti Complete in: 2012 Abstract In this thesis extensive power measurements were held in the first floor of the Science and Technology Faculty building. The thesis goal was to determine a convenient indoor path loss prediction model for this building area and to investigate

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Wireless Systems Performance

Key Publications G.V.Tsoulos and G.E.Athanasiadou, ‘On the application of adaptive antennas to microcellular environments: Radio channel characteristics and system performance’, IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, January 2002, vol. 51, no 1, pp. 1-16. D.Zarbouti, D.Tsilimantos, G.V.Tsoulos, G.Athanasiadou, and D.Kaklamani,”Performance of OFDMA multicell systems with Opportunistic Beamforming”, Wireless Personal Communications, Springer, 2011.doi: 10.1007/s11277-011-0315-6 Stiakogiannakis, I.N.; Athanasiadou,

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