Educational toolkit in the context of Cellular Systems

The aim of this thesis was to study and then implement easy-to-use educational tools. These tools are based on diversity techniques and the calculation of the transmitting power of the carriers in an OFDM system. The tools were created with MATLAB and JAVA (NetBeans Project).

The first tool (Tool_SC_MRC.m) aims to analyze the performance of a multi-branch receiver that takes advantage of the principles of diversity, and more specifically the performance of the Selection Combining and Maximal Ratio Combining techniques.

The second tool (Waterfilling_Equal_Power.jar) implements the water-filling algorithm in the limits of calculating the power of N OFDM carriers. At the same time, the results of the water-filling algorithm are compared with those of equal-power allocation. Meanwhile the algorithm’s capacity, which is made possible by both the theoretical (Shannon’s theorem) and the practical terms on the basis of modulations, is being calculated.

Demo of Waterfilling tool

Date: 11-Jun-2020

Student: Spyros Orfanos

Supervisors: George TsoulosDimitra Zarbouti