Webinar on Machine Learning for Wireless Communications

Satellite Communications in the 5G Era and Beyond

Four DIT Professors ranked among the top 2% of scientists in the world!

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IET Communications Editorial Board

Online Panel on “6G Wireless Communications: The Next Generation!”

Kick off meeting of Horizon 2020 CSA COREnect

Horizon 2020 Merlon interim review

2nd Stakeholders Workshop of the 5G Observatory

IoT application for monitoring environmental parameters

Thesis Examination: Elisavet Koutsi and Sotirios Deligiannis

Analysis and simulation of Grid-to-Vehicle (G2V) and Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) systems

MDPI Journal Sensors, Topic Editor

Horizon 2020 BIMERR interim review

Educational toolkit in the context of Cellular Systems

Thesis Examination: Spyros Orfanos

2nd release of BIMERR newsletter

Pantera Workshop: “Green Islands as a driver for the Energy Transition – Going Renewable and Smart”

UPEL participated in MERLON plenary meeting in Cyprus

Students of WMCL participating in MERLON activities

PhD and PostDoc positions in Energy Systems and Optimization

EuCAP 2020 – Call for Papers

G. Tsoulos convened sessions chair at EuCAP 2020

Students of WMCL at MOCAST 2019

Green solutions for next generation wireless systems

WMCL participates in the H2020 MERLON Innovation Action

WMCL participates in the H2020 BIMERR Research and Innovation Action

The WMCL of the UoP participates in the TERAFLAG FET Flagship!

Thesis Examination: Sabina Banoushi

Thesis Examination: Pavlos Matsangos

Backhaul and UAVs management within the 5G ecosystem

Periklis Garantziotis: First in his class

Prof. Georgios Giannakis receives honorary degree

Demo for Students

G. Tsoulos presents papers at EuCAP 2018 in London

Thesis Examination: Tsitsanis Alexandros

Assessment of ICT-based technologies enabling the introduction and deployment of novel “Energy-as-a-Service” (EaaS) Demand Side Management models for Energy Utilities

New Lab Member: Anastasios Skrivanos

Prof. G. Tsoulos has joined the Editorial Board of IET Communications

EurAAP Delegate Assembly

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Ioannis Sarantopoulos

Chapter in “New Direction in Wireless Communications Systems: From Mobile to 5G”

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New Undergrad Thesis on Measurements

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Study and implementation of a UAV assisted sensor subsystem

Analysis of LTE Network

A visit to LUCAS

New Undergrad Thesis on Antenna Theory and Propagation

New Undergrad Thesis on 5G Systems

New Master Thesis on THz Systems

New implementation project: “An Arduino-Based Subsystem for Controlling UAVs Through GSM”

Thesis Examination: Ilias Gkovousis

The thesis project “A UAV assisted sensor subsystem” is completed

Thesis Examination: George Papaggelopoulos

Thesis Examination: Valasis Nikolaos-Michael

Collaboration results with Huawei

WMCL undergrad students will present their work in MOCAST 2017

Thesis Examination: Konstantina Korfioti

Participation in the “The UAE Drones for Good” 2017 competition

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Indoor power measurements

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Adaptive Antennas for Mobile Communications

MIMO System Technology for Wireless Communications

Wireless Systems Performance

Propagation Modelling

Network Planning

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Participation in the 5G SUMMIT

Collaboration with Huawei

Finalist Best Paper Award

EurAAP Delegate Assembly

BSc Thesis Presentation

BSc Thesis Presentation

Microwave Grid Antenna

The MGA12 minigrid is a parabolic dish antenna having an open reflector surface to reduce wind loading. Frequency Range: 1900-2300 MHz


BC-01 Biconical Antenna 30 to 200 MHz

Log-periodic antenna

PMM LP-02 Frequency Range: 200MHz-3GHz


2 dipoles CXL 900-3/m with gain: 5 dBi and frequency range 870–950 MHz

Horn Antenna

Double ridge guide Horn Antenna. Frequency range from 700MHz to 18 GHz and gain from 1.4 to 15 dBi. Model: SAS-571