Network Testing
Nemo OutdoorNemo Handy

Anite product.  Nemo outdoor is installed in lap-top and performs drive test measurements of the entire air-interface of modern wireless systems (UMTS, LTE, LTE-A).


UMTS Network Analysis with Nemo Analyze Software. Rx/Tx Info – Carrier RSSI taken with Nemo Outdoor 4.2 and processed with Analyze. (Thesis: Stilianos Kollias 2009)

Handy is installed in regular mobile phones, performs air-interface measurements for LTE wireless systems.



LTE Network Analysis. RSRP/SNR measurements taken by Nemo Handy and processed with Nemo Analyze

Our thanks are due to Vector Technologies Ltd and Mr Panos Vouvounas!
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Following the current trends in wireless systems technology, the lab recently acquired a quad-copter (IRIS+ by 3DR) for drone applications. Currently, IRIS+ is being used both for research and educational activities.





E/M radiation measurements

Since 2008 the lab is equipped with the SRM 3000 selective radiation meter of Narda Safety Solutions and is able to perform measurements for: SafetySafety evaluation, Spectrum analysis, Time analysis

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Example of field measurement


Measurement location in the center of Tripolis

Field strength (V/m) for different frequency bands (Project: ‘EU/GR-INTENTION’ 2013)


  • Field measurements in urban and suburban environments,

    BSc Thesis completed in 2014. The level of the electromagnetic radiation was studied in urban, suburban and rural
    environments in the area of Tripolis. The results were compared to the exposure limits set by the Greek legislation and to those proposed by the Bio-Initiative report. 

Narrowband Propagation Measurements

Narrowband propagation measurements for outdoor and indoor environments.


Power model for the corridor (Tsesis: Mpasiaka-Tsirivakou 2012)


  • Indoor Power Measurements

    BSc Thesis completed in 2012. In this thesis extensive indoor power measurements were held in the first floor of the Department’s building in order to determine an indoor path loss prediction model for this area.

  • Study of antennas radiation pattern in realistic environment
  • Electromagnetic radiation measurements for GSM-900 networks




Outside the department building (Thesis: Simatis 2006)


GSM received signal, duration 4 hours. (Thesis: Simatis 2006)

Key Publications: