Prof. G. Tsoulos has joined the Editorial Board of IET Communications

Prof. G. Tsoulos has joined the Editorial Board of IET Communications.

EurAAP Delegate Assembly

Professor G. Tsoulos was re-elected EurAAP Regional Delegate (for Cyprus, Greece, Israel, Turkey), effective from 1/1/2018.

New PhD Student

The Wireless and Mobile Communications Lab welcomes its new member George Xilouris.

Chapter in “New Direction in Wireless Communications Systems: From Mobile to 5G”

New Directions in Wireless Communications Systems: From Mobile to 5G” is now published. Our work entitled “RF Planning for Next-Generation Systems” can be found in chapter 6.

New Publication (in greek)

WMCLab members published an overview article for the current developments and applications in the field of UAVs. (pdf)

New Undergrad Thesis on Measurements

Thanasis Panagopoulos has started his Undergrad Thesis project on the instrumentation of wireless systems measurement.

New Lab Member

Ioannis Sarantopoulos joined the lab team.

A visit to LUCAS

Last week, Michael visited the Loughborough University Centre for Autonomous Systems (LUCAS). He made a short presentation (pdf) of our group activities on UAV Telecommunication systems, and he was given a really interesting tour at the LUCAS Labs.
Michael’s visit was funded by the ERASMUS+ program.



New Undergrad Thesis on Antenna Theory and Propagation

Thanos Karayiannis has started his Undergrad Thesis project on Antenna Theory and Propagation.

New Undergrad Thesis on 5G Systems

Pavlos Matsaggos has started his Undergrad Thesis project on 5G systems.

New Master Thesis on THz Systems

Periklis  Garantziotis has started his Master Thesis project on THz systems.

New implementation project: “An Arduino-Based Subsystem for Controlling UAVs Through GSM”

In this project a low-cost Arduino-based telecommunication subsystem that is capable of sending control commands to a UAV based on GSM or GPRS networks is designed and implemented. (Read more)

Thesis Examination: Ilias Gkovousis

Ilias Gkovousis presented his MSc thesis “Low-EMF wireless systems” (in greek: Ασύρματα συστήματα χαμηλής HM εκπομπής).
His thesis was supervised by Prof. Tsoulos.

The thesis project “A UAV assisted sensor subsystem” is completed

Fig. 7: Second field test (location: Department of Informatics and Telecommunications, Tripolis, Arcadia).The thesis project of Valasis Nikolaos-Michael “A UAV assisted sensor subsystem” was successfully completed. A short description of this work along with the thesis (in greek) is now available [abstract, πτυχιακή].

Thesis Examination: George Papaggelopoulos

George Papaggelopoulos presented his BSc thesis “60GHz for Wireless Communications” (in greek: Η συχνότητα 60GHz για ασύρματες τηλεπικοινωνίες 5ης γενιάς).
His thesis was supervised by Prof. Athanasiadou and Prof. Tsoulos.

Thesis Examination: Valasis Nikolaos-Michael

Michael Valasis presented his BSc thesis “A UAV assisted sensor subsystem” (in greek: Ανάπτυξη τηλεπικοινωνιακού υποσυστήματος σε UAV για λήψη δεδομένων από επίγειους ανιχνευτές).
His thesis was supervised by Prof. Sagias and Mr. Batistatos and is a project of WMCL Measurements research track.

Collaboration results with Huawei

The research collaboration of WMCL and Huawei has recently resulted in two major publications, a journal paper published at the Transactions on Emerging Telecommunications Technologies and a conference paper accepted at the 85th Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC2017-Spring).

WMCL undergrad students will present their work in MOCAST 2017

gsm_uavnav_architectureStudents George Solidakis and Fanourios Tsokas will present their work “An Arduino-Based Subsystem for Controlling UAVs Through GSM” in this year MOCAST conference from 4 to 6 of May 2017. They managed to program an arduino board in order to navigate a small UAV with simple commands sent via the GSM network.

Details can be found in the paper.

Thesis Examination: Konstantina Korfioti

Konstantina Korfioti presented his BSc thesis “Nanosatellite systems” (in greek: Επισκόπηση Νανοδορυφορικών Συστημάτων).
Her thesis was supervised by Prof. George Tsoulos and Prof. Konstantinos Katzis of the European University Cyprus.

Participation in the “The UAE Drones for Good” 2017 competition

The Wireless and Mobile Communications Laboratory (WMCL) of the Department of Informatics and Telecommunications has entered the international competition Drones for Good with the proposal entitled ‘Remote Refugee Rescue & Drone Assisted Telemedicine (Drones4Sea)’. The basic concept behind this proposal is using drones to rescue refugees in the sea.

More than one million refugees have tried to reach Europe by crossing the Mediterranean Sea the last couple of years; a humanitarian crisis of unprecedented proportions. The main sea route is the eastern Mediterranean route where Greece is the entry point towards Europe. It is evident that search and rescue missions are of paramount importance and in this context, drones may prove valuable allies in surveying the sea borders as well as directly assisting the rescue crews with telemedicine services.

Read More

New Editorial

George Tsoulos participates as editor in  the special issue “Fulfilling the IOT Ecosystem through 5G networks: Challenges and Breakthroughs” of the International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks.

New Site

The updated Wireless and Mobile Communication Lab website is now online!

Participation in the 5G SUMMIT

G.Tsoulos has joined the technical committee of the 5G Research and Technology Conference – 5G SUMMIT.

Collaboration with Huawei

The Wireless and Mobile Communications Lab has signed an NDA with Huawei Technologies Dusseldorf GmbH in order to work together towards the dynamic densification of 5G access networks using vehicles.

Finalist Best Paper Award

Finalist Best Paper Award: The paper ‘The Effects of Antenna Array Size and Back Lobe Level on Self-Interference and Transmitted Powers for 4G Beamforming Multicell Systems with In-Band Full Duplex Relays’ by D.Zarbouti, G.Tsoulos, G.Athanasiadou, was selected among 1019 accepted papers as a finalist to EuCAP 2015 Antenna Design and Applications Best Paper Award. In addition to the oral presentation, it was presented in a special poster paper awards session.

EurAAP Delegate Assembly

George Tsoulos was elected a EurAAP (European Association on Antennas and Propagation) regional delegate for Group 15 (Cyprus, Greece, Israel, Turkey), for the period 2015-2017.

BSc Thesis Presentation

The BSc thesis “Power consumption in single-cell LTE systems with relays” conducted by Ilias Xirogiannis completed.(abstract).

BSc Thesis Presentation

The BSc thesis “Wimax dimensioning and cost analysis for the city of Tripolis” conducted by Anastasios Chalvatsiotis completed. ( thesis abstract)