20 July 2021

New Project: EME exposure from wireless communication networks with emphasis on 5G

The popularity of mobile communications and the advent of 5G wireless systems has spurred a new wave of discussions and worries about the health effects of electromagnetic energy (ΕΜE) exposure. This 24 month project, is funded by the Peloponnese Region and started in May 2021. The objective is to establish a modern independent EME observatory that will study and measure exposure from wireless networks, 5G in particular. In this context, a combination of measurements will be carried out in different areas of the Peloponnese Region with state of the art equipment:

  • terrestrial – airborne with drones
  • narrowband – wideband
  • static – mobile
  • EME – system

Apart from members of the WMCLab, six (6) new researchers will be involved in this project.

More info: wmclab@uop.gr