23 July 2021

MSc Thesis Examination: Sotirios Deligiannis

Sotiris presented yesterday his MSc thesis “Propagation analysis and radiocoverage at the mmWave and THz band” (in greek) under the supervision of Assoc. Prof. Georgia Athanasiadou.

Covid-19 kept us all at home but it was a great gathering anyway. We are happy to have worked with this great student and we are wishing him all the best for his future endeavours!

Short thesis abstract

Mmwave and Thz frequency bands, which refer to 1GHz-100GHz and 100GHz-1THz respectively, are commonly used in order to eliminate bandwidth, capacity and throughput issues. The increasing demand of high-speed communications, as well as bandwidth limitations, made researchers to analyze the usage of very high frequencies.

Due to the fact that at mmWave there are wide unused frequency bands, many applications can be supported. However, the rising demand of non-licensed spectrum led scientists to transmit data using even higher frequencies, up to 10THz. In this case, it is important to mention that while the frequency increases and the wavelength decreases, the transmitted signal is affected more by the atmospheric absorption.

Additionally, the various atmospheric gases affect differently the various high frequencies, so that the data is transmitted in a frequency selective channel. Due to this type of channel, mmWave and THz frequency bands should be selected carefully, because in some cases, the atmospheric absorption is so high that the information is not possible to be transmitted.

In this thesis, some of the most commonly used ways to calculate atmospheric absorption in this frequency spectrum are studied, and the transmittance, as well as the noise of these system is calculated. Also, applications for both mmWave and THz communications are presented. Furthermore, in the last section of this thesis, there are produced results about the attenuation, the atmospheric absorption and the received power as well.