Welcome to the Wireless and Mobile Communications Lab!

The Wireless and Mobile Communications research group has been residing at the Department of Informatics and Telecommunications of the University of Peloponnese since 2002. It is consisted of five (5) faculty members, four (4) associate researchers and many under- and post-graduate students. The members of the Lab demonstrate research excellence since the early 90’s in the areas of:

Research Tracks

Propagation Modelling

Deterministic (3D ray tracing) and Statistical propa-gation modelling.»


Measurement Systems

State-of-the-art measurement tools that support modern wireless systems.»


System Performance

Simulation platforms for wireless systems and PHY techniques evaluation.»


Network Planning

Development of software tools for optimization and planning of modern networks.»


Free Space Optics

Optical wireless channel modelling, relay networks, novel fade mitigation techniques.»

Current Research Areas of Interest

mmWave – THz Communications – UAV Communications – Nanosatellite/Satellite

By 2025, over 7 trillion wireless devices gathering data everywhere and serving over 7 billion people, will lead to a digital society with the ability to know and query anything, anytime, anywhere. Our vision for the next ten years is to propose and develop new exponential disruptive technologies that will be able to address these grand challenges, e.g. THz wireless communications. lab team