18 October 2023

Participation in the SYNERGIES General Assembly #2 in Copenhagen

On the 4th and 5th of October the SYNERGIES partners met in Copenhagen for the 2nd General Assembly hosted by DTU - Technical University of Denmark.

During the meeting, the responsible partners provided an update of the activities, assessing the results of the first 12 months of the project, highlighting the first intermediate outcomes, the challenges incurred so far and the next steps foreseen to overcome these challenges and ensure efficient collaboration towards the project goals.

Dr Dimitrios Kontaxis, Sotiris Tsakalidis and Prof. George Tsoulos from the UoP team presented the work carried out for the Ex-Ante Demo Sites Auditing and Data Landscaping of nine demonstration partners across three sites, detailing the Energy and Data Assets, as well as the methodology for surveys and data collection. The results of the performed gap analysis for the demonstration sites located in Greece, Spain, and Denmark, in conjunction with the WSN solution (both hardware and software) proposed by UoP, were taken into account in the demonstrators procurement phase. The WSN solution, including the openHAB and Influx Database containers, have been tested and confirmed functional. All these developments ensure efficient data collection, storage, and transmission, laying a foundation for advanced analytics and decision-making in the project.