15 April 2024

Participation at PACET 2024

WMCLab participated at the 7th Panhellenic Conference on Electronics and Telecommunications that took place in Thessaloniki, Greece, 28-29 March, 2024 (PACET 2024). At the conference, Prof. George Tsoulos chaired the Antennas & Communications Session.

Prof. Tsoulos and Dr. Dimitra Zarbouti from the WMCLab team presented two papers [1]-[2].

Both papers focused on 4G & 5G system measurements for the three Greek mobile operators; these measurements were part of the first phase of the PANDORA project when we were trying to assess and analyze the deployment level of the Greek 4G & 5G radio networks in the Peloponnese area.

Results demonstrate the operators’ different strategies for the transition from 4G to 5G system but also highlight the transformative potential of 5G-NSA networks for high data transmission needs.

[1] Comparative Field Trials for different 5G-4G Cellular Networks
George Tsoulos, Georgia Athanasiadou, Dimitra Zarbouti, G. Nikitopoulos, V. Tsoulos, N. Christopoulos

[2] 5G and 4G in the Field: Performance Assessment through Trials
George Tsoulos, Georgia Athanasiadou, Dimitra Zarbouti, George Nikitopoulos, Vassilis Tsoulos, Nikos Christopoulos